Usually, I used to hear about the war in Syria and I never imagined that there would be a day when I would be in this country. But here I am, standing in front of a massive wall catching my brushs and start write Poetry by the Iraqi poet Ahmed Matar, in which he says:
All in my town
It fills my heart with depression.
My town is alienation of body and soul
” The strokes of the brush are bold and sweeping, the colors muted by the dust and ash that seems clinging to everything in this war-torn country. But despite the sadness that surrounds it, this piece of art is a powerful reminder of the resilience and creativity of the Syrian people. It is a beacon of hope in a place where hope is in short supply.
even in the darkest of times, art can be a powerful message of hope and a call for change.
we praying for the city to return to its former glory, a green place filled with life and peace.