Artists’ Work Rises From the Destruction of the Israel-Gaza Conflict

“Artists may see things others can’t see,” said Mr. Khaled, 23, who works for a Turkish news agency. “Even at the very tense times and very hard moments, we still draw.”


“Arabic script is strong and I wanted to connect it to physical strength. I drew on chests and backs of body-builders.


“I have been doing graffiti and have had a connection between the walls and myself since I was young. When I was 10 years old, I would take pens and draw on the walls,” he explains.  


“It fell on the home of a family in central Gaza,” Khaled tells The National. “Thank God it did not explode. The losses would have been devastating if it did.”


‘The soul that fights in us’ are the words which Palestinian artist Belal Khaled spent four days drawing onto the 50 metre long, seven metre high bombed wall of a building in Gaza.

‘We vechten tegen de bezetting met kunst. Onze graffiti moet hoop en vrede uitbeelden’, vertelt Belal Khaled terwijl hij wat ongerust om zich heen kijkt.

The Palestinian artist, Belal Khaled, seemed happy as he transformed most of the things around him with great precision 


Grafiti ve fotoğraf sanatçısı Halit,”Ben Gazze’de yaşadım ve orada 3 savaş gördüm. Orada insanların kadınları, çocukları ve gençleri öldürdüğünü gördüm. Gazze’de savaşın bittiğinin hayalini kuruyorum.”dedi.


Palestinian photographer Belal Khaled, 23, has been photographing the violence in Gaza since fighting between Hamas and Israel escalated July 8. But it was the plumes of smoke left by Israeli air strikes that captivated his artistic eye, he told BuzzFeed.