Belal Khaled is a calligraphy artist who seeks to invent a new method of writing Arabic letters in an unconventional way through which he can speak with all the languages of the world. From being letters with aesthetics within their strict rules to be liberated while preserving their origin, and through his quest to devise a style that bears his ownsignature, taking advantage of the aesthetics of Arabic letters to create new patterns.

He tries, through his own style of  calligraphy , to shed light on areas of conflict and conflicts and transform the manifestations of destruction and ugly wars into works of art that carry messages of hope, love and determination to survive ,to be the voice of refugees all over the world through his works that advocate that we are a human being ruled by love before force, united by affection, and ensuring the continuation of coexistence and tolerance, regardless of race and color.

Belal created a number of murals around the world using his unique style of calligraphy. These murals are often large-scale and designed to be viewed in public spaces. They often depict messages of hope, love, and determination to survive, as well as messages of coexistence and tolerance. His murals can be found in a variety of locations, including urban areas, public parks, and cultural centers.  Many of these murals are collaborations with other artists and organizations, and they often serve as a means of promoting cultural exchange and understanding.

Some of his murals can be found in Belguim , Qatar , Sudan , Somalia , Zimbabwe , Palestine , Lebanon , Jordan and Egypt , as well as many other countries around the world. His works are considered as a form of public art, that seeks to connect and engage with the community, and promotes social messages of peace and unity.